How to Be Your Own Estate Agent (And Other Fairy Stories)

Whilst reading the other day I came across an article in The Times entitled, “How to be your own Estate Agent”. It really got me going because there was a certain fact that the article left out. I’m not going to reveal the fact just now – see if you can work it out!

Anyhow, this article was the usual cozy, middle-class nonsense that The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail love so much. The tone of the articles was very much along the lines of, “why pay good money to common Estate Agents when you can do the job yourself?” (why do Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers get picked on like this so much? I’ve yet to see an article entitled, “Why pay good money for a newspaper when the headlines are available for free on the internet 24hrs a day?”) The article went on to list alternatives to an Estate Agent. These methods were:

1. Classified ads
2. Private sale websites
3. Raffle your house
4. Auction your house
5. Swap your house
6. Part exchange with a builder

Unfortunately, the fact that The Times failed to mention was that none of the above methods actually work! Classified Ads are for lonely hearts not transactions totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds. Private sale websites get zero response – Right move rules the roost. House raffles – how utterly ridiculous! What happens if you only sell ten tickets? Auction rooms across the UK are gummed up with repossessions. If you swap your house then there has to be a winner and a loser or else you’re going to end up with something pretty similar to what you have already, thereby defeating the purpose of the exercise (or else, who’ll give me a castle for my 2bed terrace?) Finally, the builders aren’t stupid. If they make you an offer for your house, they’ll expect you to pay top dollar for theirs. There is only ever one winner in their game!

In a nutshell, the fact that The Times forgot to mention is that undoubtedly, Estate Agents are the best way to ensure that your property sells, just as a Dentist is the best person to look after your teeth and a Farmer is the best person to harvest a field of crops.

Don’t try to do a job you’re not equipped to do. If you want to sell your house then don’t muck about with the trifles above, instead find out which Estate Agent has the best proportion of Sold boards in your area and give them a call today.

How To Choose The Right Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Agent

When you are buying or selling your home your real estate agent plays a very active role in your life. After all, it is your Playa del Carmen real estate agent who is helping you in the biggest purchase you will ever make.

A real estate agent is someone who helps you buy or sell a home by providing you with quick, accurate and current information. Real estate listings are not always completely up to date. Having a real estate agent saves you the trouble of having to do all of the research work on your own.

As you look for and choose the right Playa del Carmen real estate agent for you. It is important to look for certain characteristics that will insure that your experience with your agent is positive. Below is a list of things to look for in a Playa del Carmen real estate agent.

Act on your behalf – Many times real estate agents play multiple roles when it comes to buying and selling houses. A real estate agent can be both a buyer’s and a seller’s agent. Make sure that you choose an agent that will act on your behalf not on what will make the agent the most money. Your agent should be able to provide you with sound advice and guidance and should set his or her own motives aside. Real estate agents need to make money too of course, but some agents earn their commission more than other agents.

Confidence and trust – If a real estate agent will only work with you if you immediately sign a lengthy buyer agency agreement, you are probably better off with another agent. Good agents are not afraid to work with you for a little bit before you sign a contract with them. You need to be looking for this kind of confidence and trust in an agent that you hire. Do not be fooled by first impressions. Often times a real estate agent shows his true colors when you are bound by a contract. Take precautionary measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Flexibility and availability – Real estate brokers and sales agents often work evenings and weekends. Agents are also usually on call in order to cater to the needs of clients. The real estate business does not stop at 5:00 and your agent should be willing to provide you with the services you need at all reasonable times.

Note: Availability will be especially important if you are planning on buying or selling a Playa del Carmen property during the peak season. Waiting days and even hours can cost you a deal. Make sure your agent is willing to do what it takes to get the sale.

Trained and licensed – Finding a licensed Realtor is going to save you a lot of headaches down the road. Licensed Realtors have had sufficient training in the legal ramifications of buying and selling property as well as the education of how to work most effectively. If you find a Realtor who is not licensed you may end up with work that is less thorough and lacking expertise.

Experience – The world of real estate agents is very competitive. Established real estate agents have the experience of seeing how the Playa del Carmen market has changed over the years. These experienced agents are more likely to have valuable and applicable information regarding the area that you are interested in. Also, being an established member of the real estate business allows an experienced agent to gain access to information that may not otherwise be made public. You can use any advantage that you can get and having a time-tested agent on your side is a huge advantage. Look for a Playa del Carmen agent who has had significant success closing sales and who has customer recommendations.

How to Become a Great Real Estate Agent

Becoming a great real estate agent is an ongoing process and you will be a perpetual “work in progress” (WIP). Your WIP begins from the moment you decide to become an estate agent, complete your basic real estate education, obtain your real estate agent’s license, and become affiliated with a real estate broker/agency. Hopefully, you remain a WIP throughout your real estate career.

Personality speaking

If you haven’t already decided what type of personality you have, now is better than later in your quest to become a great real estate agent.

The person who needs a predictable daily routine will probably feel uncomfortable with the variability and unpredictability of real estate work. Do you need predictability?

Great estate agents enjoy working with people – on the phone, via email, face-to-face, in groups, and one-on-one. Becoming an estate agent is not a therapy for overcoming shyness and introversion. You have to want to work with people to help them solve their property-selling or buying problems.

Time management and attention to detail are talents in some agents; others learn to master these skills. A successful agent’s hours are filled with administrative and income-driving activities that require effective time management. Study and learn from those agents (and others) who skillfully manage their time.

Many people claim they are detail-oriented but you must be detail-oriented. Your clients and your business success depend on your being detail-oriented. If this is a weak point in you skill set, consider hiring an assistant who is skilled at managing the details. This does not relieve you of improving your detail skills but good support can help you manage more effectively.

Education now, later, ongoing

First, get a good real estate education and your license. Next, find a good mentor – an experienced broker or other salesman with integrity as well as real estate accomplishments. Find ways to be of assistance to your mentor, helping with tasks or open houses, preparing advertising, etc.

Attend seminars and courses. As a licensed agent, you are required to complete continuing education courses so make the most of every industry-related course, including those related to estate technology.

Congratulations on receiving your real estate agent’s license. Now, start planning to get your broker’s license. Yes, this means you will have to have at least two years’ experience as an agent, AND more study. The benefits? You may receive higher sales commission percentage splits, be able to open your own brokerage office and keep all the commission, become a property manager if you choose, sell and broker loans, and more. Ultimately, you offer more skills and knowledge to your clients.

What else?

Clients expect their realtor to communicate regularly with them, using the forms(s) the client prefers (fax, phone, text, email, or a combination of modes). Returning calls and messages as quickly as possible can be the difference between a good agent-client relationship and one that is merely satisfactory or totally ineffectual. Make sure you have, or develop, excellent communications skills.

Many agents cited additional qualities and skills important to becoming a great real estate agent. In their estimation, a great agent should be:

  • Collaborative
  • Curious
  • Action-oriented
  • A self-motivated entrepreneur
  • A “hub of resources”

Legend has it that the actor born Archie Leach built a persona very different from the reality of his difficult and painful childhood. He borrowed qualities of behavior and style and patched them together, “wearing” that persona until it became a reality. He became a sophisticated, elegant and talented person and performer. Archie Leach became Cary Grant.

You might become a great estate agent by building your own persona much like Archie Leach did. Study, observe, add knowledge, skills and talents, and refine existing ones. Continue to be your own best WIP, and best wishes for your success.